SLS (Street Life Sarnies)

“Last weekend I visited the wonderful SLS (Street Life Sarnies) grass roots charity. I caught up with Claire & Bart Day who are responsible for starting SLS and hear their remarkable story. I also met with Sian & Jan, just two of their amazing team of volunteers. 

What started out as a Facebook post and a call for help, SLS now supply sandwich packs, food, clothing, sleeping bags, toiletries, underwear and pet food regularly to over 14 charities which include outreach street teams, homeless hostels, day & night shelters and social services B&B’s in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport & Merthyr Tydfil. 

In 2016/17 alone, fundraising bought 1000 pairs of socks, over 100 boxer shorts, new tents, hundreds of toiletries, dog food, porridge pots and food stuffs. Every penny raised was spent on those in need, producing a vital pipeline of recourses. Over 400 new sleeping bags were purchased and over 8000 sandwich packs were made and distributed to 2 outreach teams in just one year. Over 1500 xmas gift shoeboxes were collected in 2016 and nearly 3000 easter eggs were collected in 2016 at easter.

At Christmas, SLS helped over 40 source points across Bristol, Newport, Cardiff & Merthyr Tydfil. 

Quite staggering really, just from one Facebook post 2 years ago. SLS fundraise to purchase new resources through a web of volunteers across South Wales and Bristol and collect, label pre-lived clothing, camping resources, food, household items and children equipment for individuals and families in crisis. Claire and Bart fill a garage every week all year round out of Wales alone.

If there was ever an example of community in action, this is it. An extraordinary effort and inspiring work all year round.” Anthony Tombling Jr (Director)

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