Food Cycle Bath

“Food Cycle is a volunteer powered community project working to reduce food poverty and social isolation by serving tasty nutritious meals to vulnerable people. Food Cycle in Bath source their food from the supermarkets Morrisons. Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer’s and The Fine Cheese Co. The food is either surplus or unsellable and would normally go to waste.

The volunteers serve a 3-course communal meal, cooked with whatever ingredients are sourced on the day, a bit like a bigger version of ready steady cook. The volunteers start arriving around 4pm and dinner is served at 7:30. The communal meal is a chance for people to sit down in a nice warm, social and friendly environment.

The meal on the day was a cream of broccoli soup, a lovely mushroom bake and blueberry pancakes for desert. The meal served over 30 people. It costs this charity £20 pounds a week to rent the local community centre, not much money in the grand scheme of things to provide an invaluable community service. If you would like to support them please visit here:” Anthony Tombling Jnr (Director)

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