North Paddington Foodbank

“On Wednesday I spent the day at the North Paddington Foodbank in West London. Foodbanks such as North Paddington are a lifeline to some, helping those most need in their community. 

Think about this: In 2004 only two foodbanks existed in the whole of the UK. Today, there are 429 run by the Trussell Trust alone and that’s not including independent foodbanks like North Paddington. Today there are close to a thousand foodbanks operating in the UK. For further perspective, in 2010 there were just 22 foodbanks run by the Trussell Trust. That’s only 7 years ago. 

It’s fair to say that 10 years ago, foodbanks hardly existed. Consecutive governments have failed to get a grip on this issue and austerity policies have further created an alarming rise in people now living in poverty or struggling with food security.” Anthony Tombling Jr. (Director)