Help Bristol’s Homeless

Help Bristol’s Homeless is a social enterprise set up to provide temporary accommodation across the city of Bristol. The enterprise intends to convert shipping containers to provide safe, self-contained temporary shelter for Bristol’s homeless. As well as providing accommodation the initiative will also offer support and try to offer guests a way out and off the streets for good. Anthony Tombling Jnr (Director)


Edengate is a charity supporting the homeless and vulnerable of Newport. Their slogan is “Inviting people in, helping people out.” Edengate night shelter provides emergency accommodation, a hot meal, a warm bed and breakfast for Newport’s most vulnerable citizens. The project operates through a partnership with 16 local churches providing the emergency accommodation. The project is supported by an amazing army of fully trained volunteers. Another Edengate project is Breaking Free. Breaking Free helps those who are stuck in the cycle of addiction and walks them through step by step as they look at detox and rehabilitation programs, re-entry programs and later housing, mentoring and back to work schemes, to move on so they can play their part in society. Anthony Tombling Jnr (Director)

Food Cycle Bath

“Food Cycle is a volunteer powered community project working to reduce food poverty and social isolation by serving tasty nutritious meals to vulnerable people. Food Cycle in Bath source their food from the supermarkets Morrisons. Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer’s and The Fine Cheese Co. The food is either surplus or unsellable and would normally go to waste.

The volunteers serve a 3-course communal meal, cooked with whatever ingredients are sourced on the day, a bit like a bigger version of ready steady cook. The volunteers start arriving around 4pm and dinner is served at 7:30. The communal meal is a chance for people to sit down in a nice warm, social and friendly environment.

The meal on the day was a cream of broccoli soup, a lovely mushroom bake and blueberry pancakes for desert. The meal served over 30 people. It costs this charity £20 pounds a week to rent the local community centre, not much money in the grand scheme of things to provide an invaluable community service. If you would like to support them please visit here:” Anthony Tombling Jnr (Director)

SLS (Street Life Sarnies)

“Last weekend I visited the wonderful SLS (Street Life Sarnies) grass roots charity. I caught up with Claire & Bart Day who are responsible for starting SLS and hear their remarkable story. I also met with Sian & Jan, just two of their amazing team of volunteers. 

What started out as a Facebook post and a call for help, SLS now supply sandwich packs, food, clothing, sleeping bags, toiletries, underwear and pet food regularly to over 14 charities which include outreach street teams, homeless hostels, day & night shelters and social services B&B’s in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport & Merthyr Tydfil. 

In 2016/17 alone, fundraising bought 1000 pairs of socks, over 100 boxer shorts, new tents, hundreds of toiletries, dog food, porridge pots and food stuffs. Every penny raised was spent on those in need, producing a vital pipeline of recourses. Over 400 new sleeping bags were purchased and over 8000 sandwich packs were made and distributed to 2 outreach teams in just one year. Over 1500 xmas gift shoeboxes were collected in 2016 and nearly 3000 easter eggs were collected in 2016 at easter.

At Christmas, SLS helped over 40 source points across Bristol, Newport, Cardiff & Merthyr Tydfil. 

Quite staggering really, just from one Facebook post 2 years ago. SLS fundraise to purchase new resources through a web of volunteers across South Wales and Bristol and collect, label pre-lived clothing, camping resources, food, household items and children equipment for individuals and families in crisis. Claire and Bart fill a garage every week all year round out of Wales alone.

If there was ever an example of community in action, this is it. An extraordinary effort and inspiring work all year round.” Anthony Tombling Jr (Director)

North Paddington Foodbank

“On Wednesday I spent the day at the North Paddington Foodbank in West London. Foodbanks such as North Paddington are a lifeline to some, helping those most need in their community. 

Think about this: In 2004 only two foodbanks existed in the whole of the UK. Today, there are 429 run by the Trussell Trust alone and that’s not including independent foodbanks like North Paddington. Today there are close to a thousand foodbanks operating in the UK. For further perspective, in 2010 there were just 22 foodbanks run by the Trussell Trust. That’s only 7 years ago. 

It’s fair to say that 10 years ago, foodbanks hardly existed. Consecutive governments have failed to get a grip on this issue and austerity policies have further created an alarming rise in people now living in poverty or struggling with food security.” Anthony Tombling Jr. (Director)

Feed the Homeless – Bristol

“I spent the weekend helping out the wonderful street team charity Feed The Homeless Bristol. We went out on a busy but very cold Saturday night. The street team walk the city centre providing hot food, hot & cold drinks, bedding, sleeping bags, clothing, underwear, socks, toiletries and pet food. 

The street team are supported by a wonderful team of cooks who prepare hot foods for the street team to take out on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 

This charity has grown and grown such now are the alarming levels of homelessness in Bristol. They provide a vital service, taking their team onto the streets week in week out come rain or shine.” Anthony Tombling Jr (Director)

Brixton Soup Kitchen

“Brixton Soup Kitchen organised an outreach run down to Brighton to feed and provide bedding and clothing for Brighton’s neglected folk. I joined them for the trip to help out and see the hard work and preparation that goes into such an operation. 

Sandra Martin of Gogglebox fame joined the team for the trip and I had the pleasure of her entertaining company in my car on the way down. She kept everyone’s spirits up and there were a team of over 20 volunteers. 

Brixton Soup Kitchen organise regular outreach trips all over London and have visited Miami, Toronto, Spain as well as lots of UK outreach trips. The work they carry out is inspiring and the Soup Kitchen is a fantastic hub right in the heart of Brixton. As well as serving hot foods they offer a range of support including clothing, shoes, advice, help with benefits and CV’s. There is a computer for their guests to use but above all the offer a warm place, kindness and friendship.” Anthony Tombling Jr (Director)