We appreciate not everybody wants to volunteer, attend meetings, join campaigns or go on marches, but if you are affected by the issues this film raises. You can still have an impact from the comfort of your armchair and this is how.

Contribute to a local charity
Most, if not all of the groups, listed on the engage in local action and engage in national action have the facility where you can make a financial contribution to support their valuable work.

Write to your MP 
If you don’t know who your Member of Parliament is or you don’t know how to contact them just click on this link: contact your MP.

Write to your local councillor
If you don’t know who your councillor is or you don’t know how to contact them just click on this link: contact your councillor.

Below is a model letter we have prepared, which is a simple a guide.


I write to express my concern that not enough is being done to tackle the rise in poverty and homelessness. Many of our fellow citizens have fallen bellow the poverty line and in some cases working families are now reliant on food donations.

It upsets me to see people in our community neglected and sleeping on the streets without sufficient social support, accommodation or nutritious food. I would like you to explain to me, as my elected representative, what policies you are supporting or are in place to tackle this issue. 

I would also like to know, given your support for these policies, when you believe these policies will take effect and reduce homelessness and poverty in the UK.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely